The Mobile Friendly Website Test

The Mobile Friendly Website Test

Is your website Mobile Friendly? Well from April 21 Google will now start to rank mobile friendly website higher in the search results than those websites that are not optimised for mobile devices.

The Google Mobile Algorithm Update will roll out over a week starting April 21 and will ensure that users will now find it easier to get highly relevant search results that are optimised for their devices.

If you are like the majority of the Australian population you own a smart phone and use it to visit websites. How annoying is it when you have to pinch the screen and resize websites that are not mobile friendly.

You may have also noticed that Google now tell you when you are searching for websites on your Mobile Phone if the site is mobile friendly or not. Soon these sites will rank higher as well.

Mobile Friendly Website Test

Google have released a mobile friendly website test tool that allows you to check if your website is optimized for mobile devices. Make sure you check your website is mobile friendly so that you don’t slip down the Search Engine Rankings.

Mobile Optimised Website


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