Adwords Remarketing – Are you being followed?

Adwords Remarketing

Adwords Remarketing is a powerful advertising technique that is becoming more and popular, it shows ads to users based on the websites they have previously visited.  Do you ever get the feeling you are being followed on the Internet. Chances are that you are.

For example you may have been looking at a new pair of shoes on your favourite e-commerce website.  Then the next day when you are reading your local newspaper website, low and behold there are the shoes being advertised on the page! Coincidence? Not at all.

Adwords Remarketing


By adding a snippet of code to your website, Adwords Remarketing allows you to collect Targeting lists based on browsers behaviour on your site.


So maybe you have an online store selling dresses and shoes.  You are able to generate lists of people that just visited your dress pages, lists of people that only visited your shoes pages as well people that visited both types of pages.  You can also generate a list of people that added to your products to their shopping cart but didn’t purchase.  All this information and lists is invaluable for marketers when they are developing engaging ad messages.

Would you show a shoe ad to a list of dress product viewers?  No.  Adwords Remarketing allows you to target your messages specifically to the users browsing behaviour.  Take the shopping cart abandoners, now we could show them a discount themed message to entice them to buy or even highlight the free shipping you offer.

Remarketing is not just for e-commerce, any website can gain valuable lists of their users and then target them with specific messaging.  You might have pages for multiple store locations on your website, you could then develop lists based on store location pages and then develop a location based ad message.

The possibilities are endless in the lists that you can create and target from your site.  So just remember next time your browsing the internet that you are being followed, but for a good reason!.